Index  the fall  2022

An avatar inside a metaverse, the Voxels - Ethereum Virtual World, has located thirteen and a half billion light years from the surface of this virtual world. This distance is the same distance that separates the Earth from the most remote luminous object known to date, HD1, which the scientific community identified in the spring of 2022, and which is not known to be an early galaxy or a black hole. After placing the avatar at this point in the metauniverse, the artist has made it jump to the metaterrestrial surface, in an impossible jump that, at the speed of light, would take thirteen and a half billion years to complete, and that at the speed of the jumping avatar, which is approximately one hundred and twenty kilometres per hour, will not be completed for some eighty-nine thousand thirty-eight billion three hundred and seventy thousand twenty-six million years. This jump, which is also a swift fall into deep time, is happening now, in a metaverse.

Part of the exhibition Gárgola
Curated by Alexandra Laudo

10.2022 - 02.2023
La Panera, Lleida