Show me a ghost

23.11- 30. 11. 2017
art3 Valence, France

In partnership with ESAD • Grenoble • Valence
Resonance, Lyon Biennale 2017

Applications, social networks and platforms incorporate image recognition algorithms capable of identifying objects and "learning" over time. A silent machinery of categorization that carries with it biases and normative conventions. This hyperproduction of images and information seems to reduce the world to a copy of itself, resembling the map to the territory, eradicating shadows and mysteries in an interface without contradictions.

"Show me a ghost" is a photographic series made up of descriptions generated by computer vision systems. Most of these image recognition techniques work with a very similar structure, consisting of tree-shaped categories, the main references being the projects developed from Stanford and Princeton universities: the WordNet hierarchy and the ImageNet image bank.

The series shows how a computer vision system interprets the representation of a ghost, an element that does not appear in the "ImageNet" categories and that is currently undetectable in the eyes of the algorithm.

Résidence croisée art3 Valence et Homesession Barcelone
Soutenue par la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, et la Generalitat de Calalunya.