Index  Unfixed Infrastructures And Rabbit Holes  2020
Solo show. Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona
24.01.20 – 22.03.20

Programming and networks: Andrea Noni


"What we understand our body to be, or to exist as, has been irrevocably complicated by the invention and expansion of the internet. As a public interacting with technology, we no longer exist as a singularly stable and defined, edge-bound being, as our data and lives leak out onto distributed nodes that augment our own sense of self further than it already is. Where we continue, where we are, even when we assume to be erased. Where and even when we think we are not. The perception of our body through information, as information, as a carrier and creator of information, as a subject of perception and object of translation. This appears, or rather, is felt as something media theorist Sun-ha Hong calls the “trace-body”: “When I feel my own trace-body as an absent presence, I am also experiencing what it feels like to have machines and databases mediate between me and myself.” A series of out-of-body experiences constantly overwriting, corrupting, glitching. We already contend with an unstable sense of self by just being human, but when faced with a multitude of other possible presences through the data profiles that we create ourselves, or through those that are created for and about us (with or without our knowledge) by corporate or governmental actors, this distribution across time and space feels necessary
to account for through personal acts."

Trace Routes, Natalie Kane

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