Armband. 2014.

I have not been non-rescued. Couscous and beans at Flax Art Studios. 29.01.2014.

Video still. Dublin 2012.

Irish Army (Óglagh na hÉireann) armband.

U.V.F. and Irish Army (Óglagh na hÉireann) armbands purchased on eBay and whose stampings have been erased afterwards.                                                                                            


Screen captures from Google Street View that do not show the current memorials to the casualties of the confict.

Exhibition view, PS2, Belfast. 2014.

Group of interventions that take as a starting point the financial rescues within the Eurozone to shape a group of actions that explore processes of identification in conflict contexts. Project in collaboration with Azahara Cerezo as international artists in residence at Flax Art Studios (Belfast, Northern Ireland). January – March 2014.

- Everybody knows that the so-called financial rescue is, in fact, a “no-rescue”. The word “rescue” -or “bail out”- is a linguistic appropriation by economic powers, a linguistic excuse to intervene other powers under the positive meaning of “rescue”. The ruling class usually deny that the state is going to be rescued until it is more than obvious, but in our country, Spanish politicians are still not admitting the rescue. A rescued state is therefore the effect of a double negative: a state does not recognize its no-rescue. In Standard English, the rules dictate that a double negative is understood to resolve to a positive clause (from “I am not unconvinced” probably we can infer “I am convinced”), that is to say, if politicians say that the state has not been non-rescued, it means that the state has been rescued. In Spanish the double negative is usually built by placing the negative adverb “no” before the verb. Unlike other languages, such as English, the double negation in Spanish does not produce an affirmative statement, but continues being a negative (“I have not been non-rescued” = “I have not been rescued”). In conclusion, we can state that Spain is grammatically impossible to rescue. -

I have not been non-rescued: Action consisting of making ourselves visible in the described socio-economic reality through a symbolic and ironic appropriation. We will be marked by the economic debt acquired by our country. We will produce a series of situations and contradictory images thus giving shape to a project of a performative nature that will take place in the day-to-day life, as a dispersed action in the city.

El proyecto toma como punto de partida el rescate financiero a varios países de la Euro Zona para explorar determinados procesos de identificación en contextos de conflicto. Actions in Between the Rescue reúne un conjunto de acciones y documentos donde las operaciones macroeconómicas atraviesan y desdibujan las fronteras tradicionales del conflicto de Irlanda del Norte.

La residencia artística Flax Art Studios de Belfast nos acepto la propuesta “I have not been non-rescued” consistente en ser rescatados por esta institución durante dos meses. Para visibilizar este proceso de manutención básica portamos día a día un brazalete con las estrellas de la Unión Europea en negro como una acción performativa dispersa por la ciudad. Anteriormente un brazalete similar había sido repartido por las calles de Dublín durante los días previos al reférendum anti-austeridad del 2012.

Actions in Between the Rescued

In colaboration with Azahara Cerezo

Dublin - Belfast, 2012 - 2014

Flax Art Studios. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Special thanks to Joe Connolly and Gareth Stack